We provide the data,

you face the wall

ClimbAlong is a series of digital products for climbing: we aim at contributing to the growth and future of the sport in respect of its core values.

First quarter of 2022 schedule:

Development of the Judge App. Test events:

26th of February: Nordic Youth Challenge, Copenhagen, Denmark

12th of March: Danish Boulder Cup #1, Copenhagen, Denmark

02nd of April: Danish Boulder Cup #2, Aalborg, Denmark

30th of April: Danish Boulder Cup #3, Copenhagen, Denmark


1st of June: Global release of the Judge App

Our products…

ClimbAlong app

With the ClimbAlong app, anyone can become a contributor to the sport: simply take a picture of any route in any gym to analyse it!

Log your sends and visualize your strengths and weaknesses as you climb towards higher grades.

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Competition platform

The competition platform is a series of tools for organizers and judges to manage and promote their events.

It ranges from a customizable result system with the Judge App to solutions for enhancing livestreams and spectators experience, on-site and online.

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Where is your nearest climbing community? How is the climbing in the world today?

Have an overview of climbing facilities with the ClimbAlong Map. Is your gym not on it? Don’t worry — just add a new gym and share its whereabouts with the world. Simple and easy!

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… are based on these technologies…

More than just cool features, these technologies work collectively to build up a new representation of our sport.

Image analysis

Holds and routes recognition is the first step to create reliable data: it’s the visualization before the climb.

Photogrammetry and 3D

Pictures are good… But 3D models of competition boulders and routes allow the viewer to explore them in details, even remotely.

It literally adds another dimension to the climb.


Movement recognition

Climbing is all about the right position and the right movement.

We apply university researches on movement recognition to grasp “why this foot slipped again!”

AI Machine learning

Automating our technologies will allow us to go further and faster in the future understanding of the sport.


… and developed with our collaborators