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To reach your maximum potential as a climber you need to understand your strengths and weaknesses, have excellent coaches and have access to the right training environment.

ClimbAlong is dedicated to helping individuals improve their climbing by giving hints and analysis. We want you to know where the best routes are and help route setters set the optimal routes for the climbers.

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Upcoming Events

The Nordic Bouldering Championships

Aug. 6-7th

The strongest climbers of the north gathered in Bison Boulders, Copenhagen, to battle it out for the podium places at the Nordic Bouldering Championships 2021.
Tune in on YouTube for the finals from Saturday the 7th of August and explore the junior/senior boulders in 3D!

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Try out the 3D map of a route

Antonin Pharel and ClimbAlong brings you up close to the action of the Nordic Bouldering Championships 2021. Explore the finals problems as they are discovered by the junior/senior competitors.
Zoom in and out, change the angle and see things not visible from the ground!